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Thanks for choosing Metropolis Mystery Theatre for your upcoming special event(s). One of the things that makes our company #1 in customer satisfaction is being able to take care of all the details of the show long before the date of the event. To that end, we would like to give you all the information you would need.

The advantage to a Metropolis dinner or luncheon party is that the client doesn’t have to plan anything else. We are there when the guests arrive, and the show continues through the whole meal, wrapping up to a rousing finale at dessert. We time the event to the individual client. If they want a cocktail hour for the guests to mingle before they start playing the mystery game, we work that into the flow of the event.

Metropolis is a show, a theatre event with a professional cast and tech crew. It is a playful, interactive game. It is a comedy performance featuring great improvisational actors. It is a personalized piece, tailored for each client, using insider info about the guests (and their company.) It is a great value; for the price you’d pay for live background music, you can get a whole evening’s entertainment.

What Metropolis is ideal for:
-Holiday Parties, Birthdays, etc
-Team-building events
-Company meetings where the guests don’t want to discuss business, but want something fun
-Dinners or luncheons where the guests don’t know each other well
-Annual parties trying to top last year’s party

What Metropolis should not be used for:
-Background mood
-Entertainment while other entertainment is going on (like a Bay cruise with Karaoke on one deck, mystery show on another)
-Parties where the guests don’t want to be bothered with concentrating on anything (where they just want to chat)
-Pool parties, or outside events where the audience roams
-"Mingle parties", where the guests are never seated
-Parties where not everyone can see and hear the show

Technical Needs

What do we need? An event where the guests want to be entertained. An event where the guests will play along. We need a space where all the guests can see the action (so they should all be in the same room). We need a site where all the guests could hear a standard 2 speaker PA system (large, high ceiling, echo-ey rooms are not as effective as regular banquet rooms). We need a room large enough to comfortably seat all the guests and have room between the tables, and a playing area big enough to fit 5 actors. For parties of over 50 guests, we request enough room for 2 or 3 playing areas. For parties of over 100 guests, we recommend raised playing areas (risers).

Since we bring in microphones, taped sound, and a follow spot light, it must be a site that will allow outside non-union lights and sound. We need a "tech area" for this equipment and crew in the rear of the room. We recommend rooms without mirrored walls, as the spotlight reflection may blind the guests. (We may mutually agree to not use spotlights in this case.)

We arrive 3 hours before the arrival of the guests to rehearse the show and set up the lights & sound. We request 8 meals for the cast and crew 90 minutes before the arrival of the guests. This insures a good show; it is totally mapped out, the actors are fed (so they don’t stare at the guests’ food for the next few hours) and everything is ready.

We need a suitable backstage area for the entire duration of the rehearsal & event, as close as possible to the playing area, in a space that will not be used by the guests. A suitable area would be one big enough to accommodate 8 actors and crew with costumes, props, etc. We request at least one table, 8 chairs, a coat rack, water & glasses for the actors, and a full length mirror (if possible). There must be some rest room or changing room facilities.

We operate on the assumption that there is an area to easily load in the equipment, and that there is free parking for the cast and crew.

All of our shows so far have been dinner and luncheon events. These seem to work the best. Round tables work better than long tables for sightlines. If there are large displays at the tables, it obstructs the guests’ view and the path of the spotlight. It’s good to be forewarned if there are columns or posts, structures, balloons, etc. obstructing views. We have had the greatest success in banquet halls in hotels, although we have done our shows in restaurants, wineries, homes, offices, historical buildings, ships, etc. We can do a great show anywhere; we just need to make sure that we have attended to all of the details.

It is part of our fee to confer with the client and get background info on the guests or the company to use in tailoring the show for them. We also coordinate details with the site representative, the caterer, etc.

The end result is a totally personalized theater show to be remembered long after the date of the event. It’s truly a party "to die for".


For the best in interactive entertainment, call:

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